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Faster and easier nut pick up.

Easily clean up black walnuts, pecans, acorns, apples, and sweet gum tree balls.  As easy as 1, 2, 3!

Nut Wizard®

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I only have one thing to say about your product – Wow, Wow.  Wow!!!!!!!

I only wish I had the Nut Wizard® years ago!

Thanks for a great product,



Just got my Large Wizard an hour ago. Unboxed it, assembled it and gave it a run under a nearby walnut. Yaaarrrr.  Genius.



Just a quick note to tell you that I purchased a Wizard last arrived Friday and has since made accumulating 5 good sized bags of acorns much easier than it was.  Thanks so much for the lightning fast delivery.  The product too is great!

Great product and great service should be publicized.



I wanted to pass on a small note of - thanks.  I have acquired a large number of ‘tools’ in my life and I have to tell you, this is one of the best.  We have two black walnut trees in the yard and I don’t have to explain the mess.  What used to be a pain cleaning up the nuts is now fun – my family fights for time with the Nut Wizard®.

As a chiropractor the Nut Wizard® makes total sense!

Best regards,

Dr. Mack


I just received my Nut Wizard® and wanted to file a complaint.

I AM FURIOUS...that I didn’t know about this FANTASTIC product earlier.  Two years ago, we had so many acorns that it was like walking on ball bearings.  It was impossible to rake them up and I wasn’t going to crawl around like my neighbor, Bill, who literally picked up every acorn in his yard by hand.  For some mysterious reason, we had hardly any acorns last year, so I didn’t think much about the problem from prior years.

This year, we’re back to normal – lots and lots of acorns and not enough squirrels to pick them up.  I found a link to your site as a result of a Google search, ordered the product a few days ago and found it by my garage door yesterday.  Since I’m a gadget guy, I had to give it a try and was I ever pleased.  The Nut Wizard® worked so well I had to call Bill to let him know about it.

The Nut Wizard® is my new best friend (and my wife’s too) - no more agonizing over those pesky little acorns - they’ve finally met their match!!!

Thanks again,



I just wanted to write to tell you how much I LOVE my “Nut Wizards.”  I have three: one for black walnuts and two for chestnuts (small and extra small).  One chestnut has larger nuts than the other one.

I have three black walnut trees.  I’ve already picked up 15 feed sacks full and I’ve got at least that many more to go. That probably only took about 2½  to 3 hours.  Before I got my Nut Wizard®, my back and legs were worn out in no time. I’ve even crawled around the yard trying to pick them up, but my body gives out!

Anyway, I just wanted you to know how much I LOVE my Nut Wizards.

I even told the dentist about them – I think he may order one to pick up acorns.  

They are a wonderful timesaving and back-saving invention.


I just wanted to say Thank You for such an awesome product! I have one oak tree in my front yard. Only one! And last year this White Oak produced over 1400 lbs. of acorns the size of golf balls and this year it is on pace to do about the same. Before finding the Nut Wizard®, I relied on raking and that was useless. I went so far as to bring out my Shop-Vac® and try to vacuum up my acorns. The problem there was the leaves would get caught up in the tube and it wouldn’t work. I probably would have resorted to having this beautiful tree removed if I hadn’t found this product and that would have been a shame.  I sing your praises to all who will listen. Again, a terrific product and my deepest thanks!


I received my Nut Wizard® last week in record time.  I have to tell you that as an engineer I am very impressed. Excellent design and ease of use; I love it.  It almost makes picking up those pesky acorns fun.  I live on a street with 30 or more oak trees, and I have passed the web site on to the neighbors.  I hope you get some more orders.

Thank you very much.



We received the Nut Wizards last week!!  We were and are totally astonished at how well they work; how much time they save; how much our backs and bodies do not ache now after picking up walnuts!!  Our kids hated picking up walnuts and now they fight over getting to use them! This is a must tool for anyone with numerous black walnut trees like we have!  An absolute amazing, work and time saving tool!! Thanks!!


I used my new Nut Wizard® today at the shooting range.  This thing works great!  It’s like a vacuum cleaner that picks up only cartridge cases; it just seems to suck them up.  I used it to pick up 9mm, 45 cal. and .223 cartridges.  Bending over to pick up casings is a thing of the past and my back surely does appreciate it.

The extension handle not only allows a tall person to stand straight while using it but when extended, it allows a person to stand in one place and cover a 6 foot radius.  You should make the extension handle standard.

I am completely satisfied and feel the money I spend for the Nut Wizard® was well spent.

Yours truly,                  


North Carolina

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am to have found your Nut Wizard® product.  My husband and I recently moved to Indiana and bought a house with several mature black walnut trees.  I was not looking forward to raking up all those nuts! My neighbor recommended your product as the best solution.  I went out the next weekend to my local hardware store and bought a large Nut Wizard®.  It was the best $50 I ever spent.  It is terrific!  Picking up nuts is so easy.  I have told everyone about it, including my brother in North Carolina; he has a lot of gumball trees.  Another neighbor saw me using it one day and asked about it.  When I told him what it was and where to get one, he said, “That would be great for golf balls!”

You definitely have a winning product on your hands.  What a great idea!                                                    

Thanks very much,


With 8 huge oak trees on my home’s lot, and this being the second consecutive year for the masting of the trees, I got desperate trying to find some practical way to pick up all the thousands of acorns on my lawn. In a search of the web, I came across Seeds and Such and immediately purchased one of the Nut Wizards... I want to tell you that even though it is too small of a gadget to dent those piles of acorns at their peak, it’s an absolutely wonderful device for picking over the lawn for the extras the rake has missed and those that have come down since the bulk fell earlier.  On top of it all, my grandchildren compete for equal time in using the Nut Wizard®, letting me sit back and watch.  Thanks for solving a problem!



Just received your Nut Wizard® today that was given to us by our son and can’t even begin to tell you how happy we are after 2 hours use.

We have picked up by hand 500 gallons of acorns before receiving the Nut Wizard® and it probably saved a 49¾ year marriage.  We will celebrate November 9.

Just kidding, of course, but what a wonderful blessing to be able to stand and retrieve all the acorns now.

Will certainly be telling all our friends about this marvelous tool every chance we get.  

Thanks so much,

Everett and Miriam


Just a note to tell you that I LOVE the Nut Wizard®. I gave it a try right away yesterday after receiving it. Thanks so much!



I bought my Nut Wizard® year before last and had not used it yet.  I tried it today and it is a miracle!  I love it! Thanks!