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All Seeds and Such products are made or grown in the U.S.A.

Faster and easier nut pick up.

Easily clean up black walnuts, pecans, acorns, apples, and sweet gum tree balls.  As easy as 1, 2, 3!

Nut Wizard®

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Wholesale Policy

By purchasing a dozen or more Nut Wizard® tools, you establish a wholesale account with us. To maintain your wholesale account status, you need to purchase at least 24 Nut Wizard® tools within 36 months.  Benefits of wholesale status include:

To reduce average shipping costs per Nut Wizard® tool, we recommend ordering in quantities of 12 or more.  X-Large packs in Ones, 4’s and 12’s. Larges or Mediums pack in 3, 6, or 12. Smaller sizes pack best in 4, 8, or 12. The option of paying with 30 days net is available for wholesale accounts with recent orders and no overdue  invoices for the past 12 months.  We recommend that anyone who buys $600 or more of products from us provide a 1099 to us and the IRS.  We are enclosing a W-9 that lists our Federal ID# and mailing address.

Nut Wizard® Product Prices and Shipping Rates

Retail shipping is $12 to $18 for up to two (extra large), three (large or medium) or four (smaller sized) Nut Wizard® tools.

Wholesale Ordering

For convince for wholesalers you can order items here in bulk (max shipping amount) at wholesale price. Orders including less than 12 Nut Wizards® will be refunded as they do not qualify for wholesale status, except from wholesale account members.

If you receive damaged parts, contact Seeds and Such
®. The most common problems are fixable; baskets with unevenly spaced wires can usually be repaired by moving wires at their base with thumbs and some muscle. (See a video of this at the bottom of the Store page on If Nut Wizard® parts damaged during shipment are not salvageable, they will be replaced. We may request that UPS investigate the package at your location if damage was caused by mishandling. Damaged baskets must be shipped to Seeds and Such, Inc., 1105 R Street, PO Box 81, Bedford, IN 47421 before replacement.  If the basket is replaced, the shipping costs you paid to return it will be refunded.

Trademarks, Patents, and Copyrights

Nut Wizard® tools are protected by US Patent No. US6,460,249B1. By purchasing Nut Wizard® products, you agree to include the patent number on each tool. Nut Wizard® is a federally registered trademark and, in almost all circumstances, should be followed by the symbol ®. In general, the Nut Wizard® trademark should be included on every tool.  If you have questions, contact an attorney and follow trademark and patent guidelines.

Seeds and Such, Inc. owns copyrights to all photographs and literature produced by our company, including but not limited to flyers, catalogs, cards, Nut Wizard® labels, and website material.  Current customers have permission to copy flyers as long as the Seeds and Such, Inc. copyright information remains intact. Permission is not granted to reproduce other promotional materials in whole or part, including wording and photographs.

Available Literature

We offer several varieties of literature to our wholesale customers. The wholesale flyer, printed without prices or shipping information, is designed for your business stamp or address label so that potential customers can call ahead for pricing and availability of products. Current customers have permission to copy flyers as long as the Seeds and Such, Inc. copyright information remains intact. See the Trademarks, Patents, and Copyrights section for more information on using our literature.

In addition to flyers, we offer a size chart for reference, a catalog of all Seeds and Such, Inc. products, and retail flyers for most Seeds and Such product lines.  Contact us if you have other suggestions.

Display Ideas

In general, Nut Wizard® tools sell more when customers are able to try them.  If possible, we recommend putting a rug, bucket with unloader, and sample collection items near the display. Employees can pull out these tools and either give a demonstration or supervise while customers give it a try.  Also, having a variety of nuts or fruits that are common to your area is helpful.  Determine which size picks them up the best.  This is especially true for areas with oak trees – many people believe there is only one type of “average, regular old” acorn, although there are hundreds of varieties, each with a unique size, color, and shape. You may see video demonstrations on the Store page at

Choosing the Right Size

To prevent returns and exchanges, customers must have the right size tool. This is the biggest challenge of selling Nut Wizard® products.  In our reference chart and on flyers, objects are measured by their diameter or width, not circumference or length (e.g., acorns should be measured across where the cap attaches).  In the chart, specifications include the basket’s diameter (measured between where the wires attach) and width (measured across the widest part of the basket).  Nut Wizard® tools can pick up larger items than what the chart lists in smaller quantities, but it cannot pick up and retain smaller items.  Because of this, we recommend asking customers about the smallest item they want to pick up.

Web Presence

We maintain a family of websites connected to Seeds and Such®, Inc.The main Nut Wizard® web address is, and includes an online retail store, FAQ, and testimonials.  All wholesalers, unless they have requested otherwise, are listed under Locations on our website.  Any customer with overdue invoices or quantities purchased of less than 24 Nut Wizard® or Brass Mower tools within 36 months will be removed from the website.  Follow us on Facebook (Nut Wizard) and on Twitter (@NutWizard). Nut Wizard® videos are posted on YouTube on the Seeds and Such channel.  To learn more about the Seeds and Such, Inc. company, see and our catalog.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us with any questions at

Seeds and Such, Inc.

1105 R Street,  P.O. Box 81
Bedford, IN 47421

812-275-1016   local

888-321-9445 toll-free
Fax 812-275-4357

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