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Demystifying how and where to sell your pecans


Are you blessed with trees that produce pecans in your yard or local park? Do you have neighbors with pecan trees who would be generous enough to let you clean up some of their fallen fruit?

If so, then first thing’s first: collect enough of the glorious, nutrient-dense nut to make at least one delicious pecan pie for Thanksgiving. (FYI: On average, 1 pecan pie uses 2 cups, or ½ a pound of shelled pecans.)

Now, once your bare necessities are met, feel free to earn a little extra money by selling the rest of your pecans.

Pecans begin to fall in early-mid September and will continue to fall through November. Make sure to pick up the pecans as soon as possible after they’ve dropped because wet weather can be detrimental to the nuts; moreover, other wildlife may get there before you do!

A couple helpful tips for gathering your pecans:

-It’s easier to clean up the nuts if you rake the leaves around the base of the tree(s). Otherwise, it can be like digging for a needle in a haystack.

-Depending on the scale of your pecan collection, you may want to invest in some equipment to aid you in your task. If stooping over and picking up the pecans manually is too much, you could always use a Nut Wizard. See one in action here:

Preparing to sell your pecans is like everything else in life – you get out of it what you put into it. Although most buying facilities will accept your pecans in any way they come, you are assured a better offer if you’ve put effort into the presentation. This means:

1) Sort out damaged nuts. A damaged nut is any nut that is cracked, wet, extremely dark in color, hollow sounding/light in weight, has visible worm holes or a stubborn husk still attached.

 Note: The horror of pecan weevils is real. They puncture the nuts in the tree, making holes and causing nuts to fall early. It’s essential to start controlling this problem in August, or as early as possible. The larvae from the adult weevils in the fallen nuts then invades the soil and can create a problem for your pecan harvest for up to 2 years afterwards.

2) Make sure your nuts are free from dirt, leaves, bugs and sticks! You can do this by going through your hull and rubbing dirty pieces with a dry rag to remove any unwanted particles. Please use gloves if you don’t want to get too messy during this process.

3) Size matters! Be careful to sort your whole pecans by approximate size.

It would behoove you to follow the above instructions because collecting these damaged nuts with your good nuts could cause a decrease in the amount you’re paid for the good material. Take the time to do these things and you shall be rewarded!

You can find local buying facilities of many shapes and sizes around the country. For convenience, below you can find a list of some options organized by state for your reference. These businesses go by various names, such as buyers, shellers, hulling and shelling services, accumulators, etc. They will be happy to purchase your pecans. Typically, people bring their pecans in bags or buckets. Approximately 15-20 lbs. of whole pecans can fit into a 5-gallon bucket. This number can change due to moisture content. The pecans should be dry and from the current year.

If you’re collecting and storing all of your pecans until the end of the season to be sold, make sure to keep them in a dry, cool place in a loose cloth sack. The time they spend in the sack will actually improve their quality of taste, acting as a curing period. Curing nuts simply means drying them out and letting their flavor become more concentrated.   

At this stage, you’re welcome to shell the pecans yourself before you sell them. However, depending on the scale again, it may be easier and more worthwhile to have the buying facility shell your pecans for you after purchase. While sorting out damaged nuts is a step that could change the final buying price, shelling is not.

The trickier part about selling your pecans is the actual cost per pound. According to several buying facilities, the current market prices for pecans can change hourly. Several factors weigh into the price, but it mostly deals with the size of crop in any given year. Demand is high and rising for pecans. However, supply sometimes suffers significantly due to weather or weevils. Therefore, offers can change dramatically between the beginning and the end of the season. At the moment, a safe estimate for selling your pecans is $2.50 per pound.  

The following companies will buy, crack, shell, sort and grade your pecans.


Covington Pecans

811 Virginia Ave.

Opp, AL 36467


 NEW BUYING POINTS for Covington Pecans:

Dothan, Alabama 36301

Robertsdale, Alabama 36567

Georgiana, Alabama 36303

Lucedale, Mississippi

Albany, Georgia

Adel, Georgia

Bainbridge, Ga

Americus, Ga 1101 N. MLK Jr. Blvd 31709

(Sandra Green)

Pelham, Ga 257 Glausier St 31779

(Sheryle Sellers)

Dothan, Al 2678 Ste 2 36303

(Jason Sasser)

Bainbridge Ga. 807 Hwy 84 East 39817

Adel Ga 911 South Huthinson Ave 31620

(Kirk Gordon)

Ashburn 114 East Washington Ave 31714

Moultrie Ga 318 East Central Ave 31768

(Jackie McMillan)

Eastman Ga  5211 Anson  Ave 31023

Hazelhurst Ga  317 Baxley  Hwy 31539

Albany Ga 2434 Rosebrier Unit 5 31705

(Matt Cox)

Louisville Pecan Co., Inc.

106 Victoria St.

Louisville, AL 36048


Priester Pecan Company

208 Old Fort Road East

Fort Deposit, AL 36032


Whaley Pecan Company, Inc.

1113 Brundidge Blvd.

Troy, AL 36081




Green Valley Pecan Co.

1525 East Sahuarita Rd.

Sahuarita, AZ 85629



Justice Nut Co. LLC

500 South Main St.

Dermott, AR 71638


York Pecan Company

2919 AR-32

Foreman, AR 71836



Atlas World Food & Ag

1240 E Caldwell Ave.

Visalia, CA 93292


Hamilton Ranches, Inc.

31881 Rd 160

Visalia, CA 93292



J.W. Renfroe Pecan Company

2400 W Fairfield Dr.

Pensacola, FL 32505



Atwell Pecan Co., Inc.

705 S Main St.

Wrens, GA 30833


B&G Seed Co.

591 Beck Rd.

Hull, GA 30646



Georgia Pecan Company (custom bagging in-shell pecans available up to 150 lbs.)

710 Ashburn Highway

Sylvester, GA 31791


Harrell Nut Company (Golden Peanut Company)

Camilla, GA




Haigler Pecan Company LLC

331 Stagecoach Road

Oglethorpe, GA 31068


Hudson Pecan Co.

559 Vo Tech Drive

Ocilla, GA 31774


Mascot Pecan Shelling Co., Inc.

819 S Veterans Blvd.

Glenville, GA 30427


Pretty Pond Plantation, Inc.

2010 Park Avenue North

Tifton, GA 31794


Scott & Janice Craft Farms LLC

1156 Shingler Sumner Rd.

Sumner, GA 31789


South Georgia Pecan Company

309 South Lee Street

Valdosta, GA 31602


Stone Mountain Pecan Company, Inc.

1781 US-78

Monroe, GA 30655


Sunnyland Farms, Inc.

Albany, GA





Terri Lynn, Inc.

1450 Bowes Road

Elgin, IL 60123



H.J. Bergeron Pecan Shelling Plant, Inc.

New Roads, LA




Joe’s Pecan Custom Work

186 Persimmon Mill Road

Ferriday, LA  71334



Osage Pecan Co.

909 West Fort Scott St.

Butler, MO 64730



Mad Nuts LLC

565 Bar X Road

Mesilla Park, NM 88047


Mesilla Valley Pecan Co.

2555 Lakeside Drive

Las Cruces, NM 88007


Mimbres Valley Development Company

475 O Kelley Road SW

Deming, NM 88030


Ulmer Inc.

900 Waterfront

Anthony, NM 88021



B&B Pecan Processors

106 Thomson Avenue

Turkey, NC 28393


Golden Peanut Company

23426 NC Highway 125

Williamston, NC 27892



Clark’s Pecans

111 North 9th St.

Collinsville, OK 74021


Oklahoma Pecan Company

2712 S Commerce St.

Ardmore, OK 73401



Golden Kernel Pecan Co., Inc.

5244 Cameron Rd.

Cameron, SC 29030


Orangeburg Pecan Co., Inc.

761 Russell St.

Orangeburg, SC 29115


Young Pecan, Inc.

1831 W. Evans St.

Suite 200

Florence, SC 29501



Bar T Pecans

8101 County Road 6830

Lubbock, TX 79407


Durham Pecan (Dollins Pecan Company, Inc.)

308 S Houston St.

Comanche, TX 76442


Foster Crossing Pecans

1303 West Foster Crossing Road

Anna, TX 75409


JB Agriservices LLC

7607 Woodhaven St.

San Antonio, TX 78209


John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc.

Selma, TX



Navarro Pecan Company

2131 Hwy 31 East

Corsicana, TX 75109


Oliver Pecan Co.

1402 W Wallace St.

San Saba, TX 76877


Pecan Shed

1401 Midwestern Parkway

Wichita Falls, TX 76302


Goldthwaite, TX


Potter Country Store

16 North Kessler Ave.

Schulenburg, TX 78956


San Saba Pecan, LP

2803 W Wallace St.

San Saba, TX 76877



Sun Valley Pecan Company

17600 Middle Island Rd.

Fabens, TX 79838


Sutton Pecan Co.

415 Main St.

Junction, TX 76849


Written by  Zoë Fox Waltz.