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All Seeds and Such products are made or grown in the U.S.A.

Faster and easier nut pick up.

Easily clean up black walnuts, pecans, acorns, apples, and sweet gum tree balls.  As easy as 1, 2, 3!

Nut Wizard®

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Privacy Policy

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When you purchase products from us online, your email address, name, address, and order details are provided to us by PayPal, an Internet company that provides businesses with online payment options. PayPal is a company that processes credit card and check payments internationally.  Your payment (credit/debit) information is collected securely.  We do not receive your payment card number, expiration date, or CVV code. When you phone in an order, we collect the payment information and provide it to PayPal for payment processing.  We could need to use this information to contact you about your order, requests for exchanges, or making refunds.  If you do not like PayPal, please mail us a check for your order.  This will be directly deposited into a local financial institution.

We do not share your personal information with other companies.  We may mail or email you a product offering or special sales announcement about products our company produces.  This could include Nut Wizard® Tools, Brass Mower™ Tools, Persimmon Products, Tree Seeds, or Nut Products.   There will be a way for you to opt out of receiving any future emails.  For any mailing, you will need to write or call us to be removed from a mailing list.

Please direct any questions or concerns to Charlotte Waltz, Seeds and Such, Inc., at 1-888-321-9445. Our mailing address is PO Box 81, Bedford, IN 47421.


Shipping is $12 to $30 for up to 1 extra large, 3 (large or medium) or 4 (smaller size) Nut Wizard® tools going to the same address. Ordering with friends and family reduces shipping costs.  In general, orders are shipped the day following receipt, and received by the customer in 1-5 additional business days.  Express service is available but very expensive for Nut Wizard® tools.  Contact us by phone if you need expedited shipping. For international orders, please see the information below.

Exchanges and Returns

Nut Wizard® tools may be exchanged or returned within 30 days of purchase, as long as they have been treated with respect.  When repacking the tool, separate the bail and basket to prevent damage.  Enclose the order receipt in the box and indicate whether you would like to return or exchange your tool (with what size you would like if you are exchanging). Use 1105 R Street, Bedford, IN 47421 for UPS or PO Box 81, Bedford, IN 47421 for United States Postal Service deliveries. For exchanges, the buyer pays shipping to return the tool but not the shipping from Seeds and Such back to them.  For returns, buyers will be refunded original costs less shipping.  We are flexible on the 30 days, with good reasons.

International Shipments

We ship internationally if we can ascertain that it is legal to do so.  The receiver (buyer) is responsible for any taxes, fees, duties, etc. that are due on delivery.  The buyer takes on the entire risk of package loss or non-delivery due to problems with Customs. We double-box the tools to protect them in shipping.  We have activated shipping fees in PayPal for countries outside of the United States.  These shipping fees are our best educated guess.  If fees are higher when we ship, we will hold the package and send you an email asking if you would like a refund or to pay the additional shipping fees.  Some countries restrict the length of package.  In those cases you might be asked to upgrade to the collapsible Extension Handle.  Please send an email with any questions, especially about the size of item you wish to collect.  We want you to receive the best size for your application.  


By purchasing a dozen or more Nut Wizard® tools, you establish a wholesale account with us.  To maintain your wholesale account status, you need to purchase at least 12 Nut Wizard® tools within 24 months. View our full wholesale policy at our wholesale page or contact us at 888-321-9445 or

Use of Trademarks, Copyrights, and Patented Materials

Nut Wizard® tools are protected by a US Patent.  Nut Wizard® is a federally registered trademark.

Seeds and Such, Inc. owns copyrights to all photographs and literature produced by our company, including but not limited to flyers, catalogs, cards, Nut Wizard® labels, and website material.  Current customers have permission to copy flyers as long as the Seeds and Such, Inc. copyright information remains intact. Permission to download and print the Seeds and Such Catalogue and Nut Wizard® Tool Quick-Start guide, as provided on the and web sites, is granted as long as the files are not altered and Seeds and Such copyright information remains intact.  Permission is not granted to reproduce other promotional materials in whole or part, including but not limited to wording, code, and photographs.